About Us

We are a small family owned company, run by Buddy and Mario DellaTorre. Dale started the company from just breeding and selling Bearded Dragons, we then began vending reptile expos. We noticed a need for Beardie supplies, and started selling the recommended lighting for them, then the domes, then decorations, then caging, and it ballooned from there. We now sell over 1,000 reptile items, 9 different types of feeder insects, & Tick Killz Insect Repellent (We only sell it because it works!). We've grown from being a 1 table, two person vendor at expos, to a 1600 sqft booth (on average) with 4-10 people at each show. We vend 30+ Reptile Expos every year (Click for our Expo Schedule that is updated frequently), with our setup of reptile supplies, feeder insects, and live reptiles. We ship out 1000's of packages per month, through our website, Amazon, and eBay! Our entire team is like one big family, many of us having known each other for 10+ years. We are all working on building this company together. Through great prices, and helpful customer support, we aim to help all reptile owners get the products and food they need quickly, and in good condition! We try to make buying from us an experience, we play music at the expos, write notes on packing slips on a regular basis, and you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook! We try to post on a daily basis, but we can get pretty busy in between expos, so its not always possible to post daily! 


Feel free to give us a call, if you have any questions about your reptiles, their care, an order, or just looking to chat about reptiles, we are here M-Th (855)323-5655 ! 


*In case anyone was wondering what "DBD" stands for, it stands for Dale's Bearded Dragons.