Auto-Ship Program

Basic Overview

Our Auto-Ship program allows our customers to save time & money on items they need on a regular basis, by setting up Automatic Shipments. You choose the frequency of how often you would like the item, and you check out like normal. You automatically save 10% or more by setting it up. 


Why We Started the Auto-Ship Program?

We started the Auto-Ship program, because we had a customer complain to us about having to order every week. A light bulb went off in our heads and we set a reminder on our computers, so that every week we knew to put in a manual order. We then found a software that would put the orders through automatically for us on a set schedule. We began with just feeder insects, then we expanded into Pangea Crested Gecko Diet, and now we are expanding into the UVB lights.


Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I use PayPal to set up an Auto-Ship?" 

 - Unfortunately not at this time. The developer for the software we use, is currently working with PayPal to enable monthly transactions, but from what we are told, it won't be for another year or so. You can set the preference on your order to ship "Every X Weeks" but the system will not put your order back through. When we see a new Auto-Ship order, we check to make sure it is credit card. If it is PayPal, we will call and request a credit card, so that when the time comes, we can set it up properly for them.


"Can I edit my Auto-Ship order?"

- You can not change the item, or any options for it (like Count, or Size), but you CAN change the frequency under MY ACCOUNT and then under MY SUBSCRIPTIONS. The developers of the software are currently working so that you can edit the options under the item. Unfortunately you will not be able to change the item on your Auto-Ship because if there is any price difference, even a penny, you never authorized us to take that amount on a regular basis. What you would need to do, to change the item, would be to cancel your old Auto-Ship (assuming you don't want to keep it on your order) and place a new order with the updated item(s) and frequency you wanted.


"When does payment go through?"

- The way our shipping procedures work, is that when we receive an order, it either gets sent out to shipping, the warehouse, or purchasing if need be. For that order to go through we need to process the payment at that time, and it is done automatically at 2am EST, after the frequency that was chosen when originally ordered. We can not process payment after it ships, as it would completely interfere with how our current procedures work.


"Can I cancel my Auto-Ship order?"

- Yes you can cancel at any time under MY ACCOUNT. There are NO contracts, or commitments involved. This service is simply so that you can save time and money, and so that we can better plan our purchasing & packaging to help speed up our shipping time. It allows us to see upcoming orders, and it greatly reduces the time it takes to ship out orders.