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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Schedule

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We will be having hourly deals on certain products & entire brands! Scroll down to see our schedule.

This schedule applies for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

(All times are E.S.T.)

TimeBrand/Product NameSpecial Deal
10 A.M.Eheim20% off
11 A.M.Mega Ray25% off
12 P.M.All Live Insects25% off
1 P.M.Zoo-Med20% off
2 P.M.Lugarti20% off
3 P.M.Exo-Terra

(certain products will be 35% off)

20% off
4 P.M.Sera25% off
5 P.M.Zilla20% off
6 P.M.SeaChem & JurassiPet20% off

Leopard Gecko Care

This week we will be talking about leopard geckos, and how to care for these awesome animals.Temperature and HumidityLeopard Geckos are nocturnal, which means they like to come out and explore during the nighttime. They get their heat from rocks that have been warmed up throughout the daytime, and not by basking in the sun like other animals (i.e. [...]

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Thank you to our customers

Starting in 2006 with one Bearded Dragon, we grew and began selling All Reptile Supplies in 2010. At first it was out of garage and now look at us, 6 years later hunting for a much bigger warehouse because we can barely fit in our 5,000 square foot one we have now. I never imagined in one million years this [...]

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New Contest!

We will be giving away a completely free Exo Terra Incubator.To enter the contest you must:1. Post this picture onto your Instagram and use the hashtag #FreeIncubator2. Sign up to our email list on our website.The contest will be starting Friday 2/19 and will be ending on 3/22, the winner will either be DM'd or [...]

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Crested Gecko Care

Crested Gecko Care Sheetwww.crestiecentral.comHousing: Crested Geckos need a taller enclosure because they are semi-arboreal (they love to climb, but also love to lay on the floor during the day). We recommend you follow these steps to set up their enclosure.Step One: We recommend the 12x12x18 enclosure, or a 55 quart tub, both work just as [...]

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Dubia Roach Care

Dubias are great in that they reproduce quickly and allow you to start your own colony of feeders for your pet. They require a few basic things but are otherwise very easy to care for.Housing: I house my dubia in a large Rubbermaid bin that has an under tank heater on one side. I line the [...]

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The Harmful Facts of Impaction

Impaction in any animal can be very painful, make them very sick and can even cause death. Impaction is when food becomes clogged and can become fused to the intestinal wall if clogged for long.Reptiles, unfortunately are prone to impaction especially when in captivity. A reptile in captivity does not have to hunt or [...]

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The Need for UVB with your Reptiles

The importance of UVB in basking reptiles.Diurnal (awake during the day)reptiles that live in areas where they bask (lay out and soak up the sun)need exposure to UVB rays. They lay out in the sun not only for heat but to soak up the UVB rays The importance of UVB in reptiles that bask [...]

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