Black Friday & Cyber Monday Schedule

We will be having hourly deals on certain products & entire brands! Scroll down to see our schedule.

This schedule applies for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

(All times are E.S.T.)

TimeBrand/Product NameSpecial Deal
10 A.M.Eheim20% off
11 A.M.Mega Ray25% off
12 P.M.All Live Insects25% off
1 P.M.Zoo-Med20% off
2 P.M.Lugarti20% off
3 P.M.Exo-Terra

(certain products will be 35% off)

20% off
4 P.M.Sera25% off
5 P.M.Zilla20% off
6 P.M.SeaChem & JurassiPet20% off
Nov 21st 2016 Buddy DellaTorre

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