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  • European Nightcrawlers - FREE SHIPPING
  • European Nightcrawlers - FREE SHIPPING
  • European Nightcrawlers - FREE SHIPPING


Common names:

  • European Night Crawler
  • ENC
  • Euro
  • Eisenia Hortensis

European Night Crawlers(ENC) are the most used fishing worm in the world! Different than the common Canadian Night Crawlers here in the USA, they are just a bit smaller but still get the job done! Perfect size for your hook! There is No need to rip one in half like the Canadian Night Crawler. Great for pan fishing and trout! Growing up to 6 inches it is a great composting worm as well.
European Night Crawlers are the only earthworms to survive in salt water.
A study done by Columbia university also notes that European Night Crawlers can last up to 30 minutes under water!
Aside from being used as fish bait, the European Night Crawler is also a great composting worm! Lurking in the top 6" of the soil these composting machines are just like their cousin, the Red Wiggler.

Fun Fact: Eisenia Hortensis, the scientific name of the European Night Crawler, translates to Worm of the garden.

ENC can survive in temperatures ranging from 45-90 degrees. An ideal temperature for these worms is 60-70 degrees or room temperature.
There are approximately 350-400 ENC per pound. These worms can multiply in as little as 2-3 months. ENC are considered a medium sized earth worm. At mature stage, they average 1.5 grams.

 Reproductive rate:

  • 0.8 eggs per adult per week
  • 1 baby per egg
  • Male and Female reproductive organs
  • Net reproduction of 0.8 young per adult per week
  • From Egg to Sexual Maturity = 20 weeks

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