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Penn Plax Reptology Natural Lizard Lounger Climbing & Resting Mats are woven mats made of seagrass that allow your lizard a place to climb or rest. These environmentally conscious mats offer a natural style and texture to your terrarium. Ideal for all climbing lizards and hermit crabs, the Natural Lizard Lounger Climbing & Resting Mats can also be used with Bearded Dragons or other ground-dwellers, if the mats are close enough to the bottom of your terrarium. The Natural Lizard Loungers are available in three sizes and styles, so you can create a multi-level jungle gym for your pet. Each Natural Lizard Lounger comes with a mat, suction cups, and leather ties. Suctions to glass, plastic, or acrylic habitats.


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Brett Sep 5th 2016

Awesome product!

I'm writting a late product review because I wanted to give it awhile to give my honest opinion. i've owned the Large Lizard Lounger for about a month now and it's awesome. My bearded dragon loves to hang out on it and lounge around. Just be cautious about the size you buy. I bought the large one and it's pretty huge. i have a 55 gallon tank and it takes up half the space almost. i didn't expect it to be so big, but it's still awesome.

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