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These are the perfect feeder insect for juvenile bearded dragons, small lizards, skinks, geckos, chameleons and turtles. These are naturally high in Calcium. They have the ideal 1.43:1 calcium:phosphorus ratio They constantly wiggle around, almost like a Mexican jumping bean! They do not crawl out of their dish like Super worms tend to do. With a dry bowl they will stay in the dish for more then enough time.
These are the perfect for the person looking to replace their crickets, superworms, mealworms and wax worms..


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Thomas S Sweeney Mar 7th 2018

Live black soldier fly larvae

I fed them to my Eastern box turtle and he doubled them up he thought they were delicious and yummy

Danielle Oct 10th 2017

Black fly larvae

Great product!! And my little beardie loves them! Will always order from you guys!! Fast shipping!! Thanks a ton!

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