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This pod has enough food for the worms to grow up to 1.5". The 12-15 count pod has enough food for them to grow to 4".

Goliath worms are an exceptional way to get your picky reptile to eat. Their bluish-green color entices reptiles to eat. All of our own personal bearded dragons absolutely love these squishy worms! They grow extremely fast, so to avoid the worms growing too big too fast we recommend putting the pod, upside down (food on top), on your refrigerator door for one day then take them out for the next day and keep alternating like that.


Nutritional Content:

Protein 9%

Fat 3.07%

Calcium: 46.4mg/100g, 464ppm

Moisture 85%



Reviews (6)

Jul 31st 2017

horn worm

Bearded Dragons absolutely love Goliath Worms.

Bob Streth Jr. Jul 21st 2017

Perfect Feeder

Everyweek I receive 3 12 counts, and 2 25 counts. My collection of Bearded Dragons absolutely love DBD's Goliath Worms. Thanks guys Bob Streth Jr.

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