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For a tempting, tasty treat, there's nothing like a soft, juicy Wax Worm. These soft-bodied grubs top off a diverse diet like nothing else. Try these great little grubs today.


Nutritional Analysis
Moisture 62.6%
Protein 15.8%
Fat 20.4%
Ash 0.8%
Other 0.4%

Reviews (4)

Kathy Pysher May 30th 2018

My whole order...

I placed my first order with DBDPet and the post office lost it. DBDPet was happy to help me out and replace my whole order for me. I ended up with extra of everything: dubia roaches, wax worms, crickets and horn worms. Their costumer service is wonderful, Kevin was so nice. Always got back to me with any question. Never a problem with anything. I will keep ordering off of them as long as I have chameleons and a gecko. One great company for your pets needs...

Dan Feb 5th 2018

Wax Worms

I have purchased Wax Worms twick from DBDPet, The first shipment was excellent, and the second shipment arrive in a timely manner. This batch of worms, actually are much smaller, and there seems to be a larger number of dead ones than last time. I have ordered again and hope that they will be up to par

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