Captive Bred Vietnamese Mossy Frog - Thelmoderma Corticale

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Thelmoderma Corticale
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  • Captive Bred Vietnamese Mossy Frogs for sale
  • Our Mossy frogs for sale, are currently feeding on 1/4" crickets and are very active at night.
  • Our Theloderma Corticale Mossy Frogs are 1 inch and come with a live arrival guarantee when we sell them. They are currently for sale in the 48 mainland United States only.


Size - Males grow up to 3 inches, females grow up to 4.5 inches. Ours are roughly 1".
Lifespan - Mossy Frogs live for 5+ years.
Cage - We recommend an Exo-Terra Small Tall (18x18x24) or larger. Mossy Frogs love to climb and hang out on the glass, so the taller the cage, the better. They also like to hang out in water, so we recommend either a large water bowl (able to hold 3+" of water) or a water area on the bottom of their cage with 3+" of water standing. They are semi-aquatic so this is important. We recommend building them a vivarium with live plants, cork rounds, moss, and leaf litter on the land area. This helps increase their hiding spots, and will also help keep the humidity high. For 2 frogs, a 20 gallon or the Small Tall Exo-Terra will be fine, but for each extra frog, you need to increase the size of the cage by 5 gallons (minimum) per frog.
Lighting / Heat -Mossy Frogs are nocturnal, so no additional lighting is required. They like temperatures between 65-80f, we found the ideal temperatures are 67-72f.
Food - We feed 1/4" Crickets every day, the size will need to be increased as they grow.
Water / Hydration- As stated above they need 3+" of water, as they are semi aquatic. Either you can build a pond in their cage, or use a water bowl big enough to accomplish this. We have them setup on a Monsoon Solo , this automates the misting process, we have it run twice a day for 12 seconds, but this should be adjusted for you to make sure the cage has enough water, and humidity stays above 70%.
Shipping - We offer 4 options for Overnight Shipping, all of them can work but we only guarantee FedEx Priority Overnight. This service is guaranteed to arrive by 10:30. FedEx also has a much better policy for refunds than UPS, that is why we don't guarantee live arrival with UPS, so there are cheaper options which can work fine, but we recommend the Priority Overnight. We will call you to schedule shipping and delivery. Shipping this way is $75, this covers the shipping cost, the box cost, and heat/cold packs if required, and GUARANTEES live arrival, or we will refund you/reship you more animals.
Live Arrival Guarantee - We guarantee your reptile will arrive alive and healthy. If you have any problems, or worse it shows up DOA you must contact us within 2 hours after delivery so we can ship you a new animal. We highly recommend having the package held at the Fedex office, and picking your new animal up. The most dangerous part of shipping is during the delivery phase, as the driver can be careless with the package, it is sitting in a Hot/Cold truck, and can be left in the Sun for hours on end without you knowing.The only shipping option to guarantee live arrival is with FEDEX PRIORITY OVERNIGHT, no other options guarantee live arrival. Please choose your shipping options carefully.
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