Steppe Runner (Adults)


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Scientific Name: Eremias arguta

Description: These amazing lizards are like a perfect mix of Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons and Tegus. They have the small size of Leopard Geckos, maxing out at a length of only 6 inches. The perfect temperament of Bearded Dragons, they are quite easily handled and enjoy coming out and climbing on their owners. They also have the intelligence of Tegus, they are definitely inquisitive lizards and can learn abilities and even new behaviors extremely quickly. 

The care on these lizards is quite easy. They are best housed in a naturalistic enclosure. Many keepers use sand or loose bedding like aspen. This is best because these lizards love to burrow. They like to climb on rocks and hide in rock crevasses, so a couple scattered rocks and hides are very important. They are best kept in colonies of 1 male to a couple females and owners will often see they colonies interacting together. These lizards are from the desert and like a high heat. The basking spot should be around 90-100 degrees. Steppe Runners are strictly insectivores, feeding on Mealworms, crickets, and Dubia Roaches. These lizards are great for anyone who wants to build a naturalistic desert enclosure and want awesome lizards who are fun to watch, while also being highly personable.

Both males and females are available, there are discount for purchases of multiple animals.


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