Yellow Ackies Dwarf Monitor

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Yellow Ackie Monitor
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  • DBDPet Yellow Ackies Dwarf Monitor
  • DBDPet Yellow Ackies Dwarf Monitor


Size - (Dwarf Monitor) 20-28" with males being generally on the larger end of that scale. Ours are 5-7".
Lifespan - Ackies Monitors can live on average for 10-15 years.
Gender - We can not guarantee any gender, these monitors are too small to sex. You can request a specific gender in the order comments during checkout, if we can accommodate your request we will, but we cannot guarantee accuracy.
Cage - We recommend an Exo-Terra Large Wide (36x18x18) or larger. Ackies love to explore their cages, so bigger is definitely better! You should use CocoPeat, and a Cypress mix packed tightly to encourage burrowing. You should also have something for them to climb on to get close to the light.
Lighting / Heat - UVB is rerquired to prevent MBD, and they also require a basking spot of 120 degrees. We recommend the Mega Ray 160w, or 275w depending on the room temperature and the distance between the basking spot and the bulb.
Food - We feed Crickets, Hornworms, and Dubia Roaches, they can also eat eggs, shrimp, and mice.
Water / Hydration- Ackies like to have a waterbowl large enough to soak in. They like the air, and surface of the substrate to be dry, and their burrows moist. This can be accomplished with sphagnum moss, and you can pour some water in the burrow when the monitor is not in it.
Shipping - We offer 4 options for Overnight Shipping, all of them can work but we only guarantee FedEx Priority Overnight. This service is guaranteed to arrive by 10:30. FedEx also has a much better policy for refunds than UPS, that is why we don't guarantee live arrival with UPS, so there are cheaper options which can work fine, but we recommend the Priority Overnight. We will call you to schedule shipping and delivery. Shipping this way is $75, this covers the shipping cost, the box cost, and heat/cold packs if required, and GUARANTEES live arrival, or we will refund you/reship you more animals.

Live Arrival Guarantee - We guarantee your reptile will arrive alive and healthy. If you have any problems, or worse it shows up DOA you must contact us within 2 hours after delivery so we can ship you a new animal. We highly recommend having the package held at the Fedex office, and picking your new animal up. The most dangerous part of shipping is during the delivery phase, as the driver can be careless with the package, it is sitting in a Hot/Cold truck, and can be left in the Sun for hours on end without you knowing.The only shipping option to guarantee live arrival is with FEDEX PRIORITY OVERNIGHT, no other options guarantee live arrival. Please choose your shipping options carefully.


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