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Great for Ball Pythons, Boas, Tegus, Monitors, Frogs, Tropical Geckos, and much more! Clean, and all organic.

  • Maximize yields through increased aeration, drainage, and moisture retention
  • Organic and Eco-Friendly Coco soil amendment perfect for indoor grows or outdoor mulch
  • Lowest salt and dust content available
  • Holds more water than any other media while remaining neutral

Prococo Coconut Peat is like a GIANT blocks of Eco-Earth. It has a tad more fibers than Zoomed's Eco-Earth does but it is the same concept. It looks like dirt. It creates a ton of substrate, 2.5 cubic feet. As we made it for the first time, we were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the substrate, and the amount that it makes! This substrate is a GREAT alternative to Cypress Mulch, Repti-Bark, or even Aspen as it holds humidity much better than any of these substrates. We sell all 4 so we aren't biased, it really is one of the BEST substrates on the market right now for humidity loving animals! Each block is 11lbs.