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Male Bearded Dragon #10

Sold out

Pictures slightly edited to correct colors

Genetics: Hypo Citrus Leatherback 100% get Wero

Sex: Probable Male, we can't guarantee gender at this age, but it looks Male.

Age: 6 weeks

Currently eating small Dubia Roaches, Collard Greens, and Mustard Greens. We do not raise our babies on any crickets or Mealworms, nor do we recommend feeding them. If you plan on feeding crickets, you should expect a slight decrease in appetite in the beginning, due to the change. Do not ever feed a Dragon Mealworms.

Shipping: We offer FedEx overnight shipping & UPS overnight shipping. The price shown at checkout is including a Styrofoam box, and a heat/cold pack if needed. Once the order has been placed, someone from our office will call and email you to schedule shipping. We do not just ship the animal the next day without speaking to the new owner. We want to make sure someone will be available to receive your new baby as soon as it gets delivered.

We guarantee live arrival with FedEx Overnight shipping, we do not guarantee with UPS, though we will do everything possible to ensure it does arrive alive. It is a cheaper shipping option, but it does run a risk of not being guaranteed. We highly recommend using FedEx, but we offer UPS as it can save you some money. If one was to pass away during a FedEx shipment, please take pictures and call us within 2 hours of delivery (according to FedEx's website).  (855) 323-5655