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Repti Zoo Knock-Down Terrarium

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REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium Front Opening Terrarium with Single Hinge, Double Doors, or Sliding Doors. Sizes are measured as Length x Depth x Height. Some of the larger enclosures come in two separate boxes, one for the base, and one for the sides, doors, and top of the enclosure, the shipping cost does not increase for the larger cages.

  • $10 UPS Ground Shipping on all Knock Down Cages
  • 5 Minute Build - How To Build a Repti-Zoo Enclosure
  • 5 Minute Sliding Door Build - How to Build a Sliding Door Repti-Zoo Enclosure
  • Can be stacked by using Repti Zoo Stackers
  • Wheels can be added by using Repti Zoo Wheels
  • Tough screen top provides ventilation and allows UVB and infrared penetration
  • Waterproof bottom can hold water for some amphibian pets
  • Independent front-opening doors so you can easily feed your pet and prevent escape
  • Installation manual included; install it or knock it down it only in 5 minutes.