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Captive Bred Veiled Chameleon

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Currently eating medium (1/2") crickets, and medium Dubia. Dubia are not their preferred feeder, but they are one of the healthiest. They also like Hornworms, and Superworms (as adults). Silkworms are also a great feeder!

Size - Males grow up to 22inches, females grow up to 18inches. Ours are 5+ grams and 8+ weeks old
Lifespan - Veiled Chameleons live on average for 6-8 years 
Cage - We recommend a screen cage, usually the Zoo-Med Reptibreeze. They need lots of plants and vines to climb and hide. We recommend at least a Medium Reptibreeze for one adult, or a Large for a Male/Female pair.
Lighting / Heat - UVB is rerquired to prevent MBD, we recommend the Arcadia T5 bulb 12%. You can also purchase just the bulb, if you already have the fixture. For heat we try to obtain a basking spot of 85-90f while having the rest of the enclosure at 75-80f. You can generally do this with the 100w Heat bulb If you are going to order these lights, please place a separate order for them, as our website will only charge you for the chameleon's shipping charge.
Water / Hydration- Veiled Chameleons don't usually drink from standing water, they drink water from rain and morning dew off of leaves and foliage. We mist our cages 2-3 times daily to hydrate our Chameleons and live plants. You can automate this by setting up the Exo-Terra Monsoon Solo. If you are going to order the Exo-Terra Monsoon Solo, please place a separate order for it, as our website will only charge you for the chameleon's shipping charge.

Shipping: We offer FedEx overnight shipping & UPS overnight shipping. The price shown at checkout is including a Styrofoam box, and a heat/cold pack if needed. Once the order has been placed, someone from our office will call and/or email you to schedule shipping. We do not just ship the animal the next day without speaking to the new owner. We want to make sure someone will be available to receive your new baby as soon as it gets delivered.

We guarantee live arrival with FedEx Overnight shipping, we do not guarantee with UPS, though we will do everything possible to ensure it does arrive alive. It is a cheaper shipping option, but it does run a risk of not being guaranteed. We highly recommend using FedEx, but we offer UPS as it can save you some money. If one was to pass away during a FedEx shipment, please take pictures and call us within 2 hours of delivery (according to FedEx's website).  (855) 323-5655