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Cryopak Phase 22 - 4 Pack

SKU 4pk of Cryopak
  • Most used for applications that need to maintain a controlled room temperature
  • Phase change, liquid to solid,  temperature is 72°F.
  • Provides thermal protection when shipping products between 59-86°F
  • Soak in warm water to make it a liquid. It keeps contents warm, great when used with a heat pack in winter.
  • When used as solid, keep below 72°F, it protects contents from heat. Great for use in summer with an ice pack.
  • In warm weather: You’ll want the phase 22 to be solid when shipped. Simply cool it down below 72F, and it’ll turn solid and opaque. The Phase 22 should be placed between the gel and ice packs.
    In cold weather: You’ll want the phase 22 to be liquid when shipped. Soak the phase 22 in warm water, and it will turn liquid (and clear). Place the phase 22 between the warm gel and heat pack. Panel is 5″ X 5″ X 1″