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Live Springtails (Cultured in EZB Mix)

SKU One Culture - Springtails

Our premium Springtail culture is great for use as a cleanup crew for your terrarium/vivarium. We ship them in a proprietary Springtail substrate culture. When they arrive, we recommend immediately feeding them. If you want to use them, you can just dump the entire culture right into your vivarium. Mix the substrate we send you into your terrarium's substrate, and your Springtail population will soon be booming! If you want to keep them and culture them more, we recommend adding EZB Mix into a 5qt Sterilite bin. Then dump your entire culture into there. We offer a Worry Free Live Arrival Guarantee. If your culture arrives dead, simply take photos, and send them to us. We will take care of you!

  • ✔️ Cleanup Crew for Your Terrarium, Vivarium, or Paludarium
  • ✔️ Food for Dart Frogs, Baby Frogs, and other small animals!
  • ✔️ Seeds up to 2 terrariums
  • ✔️ WORRY FREE LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE - If anything goes wrong, we will take care of you!

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